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Knowledge acquisition and networking at HYPE&FRIENDS

HYPE&FRIENDS is an agency festival for young professionals in the music business, for young musicians and their educators. Here you will meet teachers and researchers from the music sector, established professionals from the music industry and, of course, other young people who see their professional future in the music industry. Two central aspects that await you at HYPE&FRIENDS are the acquisition of knowledge and networking. Through future knowledge and relevant contacts, the festival helps you to advance your professionalisation and diverse careers in front of, behind and next to the stage in a personal atmosphere. To this end, HYPE&FRIENDS offers a wide variety of teaching, learning, practical and research formats through which you can help shape the future of music.

Knowledge on the HYPE&FRIENDS

The festival is specifically organised to present you with important, essential and exclusive content, topics and methods in the form of top-class lectures, interactive art labs or discussion panels on current topics in the music business. From strategies for the artistic field to content from marketing, management and the digital music ecosystem, HYPE & FRIENDS offers you a broad spectrum to promote your professional development as a young professional and to get in touch with relevant people from the music and creative industries. Under the heading ‘Future Knowledge’, the festival will provide you with insights into what will be relevant in the music industry in the future and give you the opportunity to play an active role in shaping these developments.

HYPE&FRIENDS offers a variety of formats to help you acquire knowledge in a very personal environment. A central format is the Agency Art Labs, which enable you to discuss the latest and most important topics in the world of music business and research with professionals from the music industry and to be involved in shaping ideas and concepts for the future of music. These topics are intended to broaden your perspectives and knowledge in a future-oriented and sustainable way and contribute to the development of your strategic skills.

But you will also gain interesting insights from the music industry in formats such as the keynotes, the showcase concerts, the BigBand Gala or the Future Heads Walk and meet very different people who can pass on their personal knowledge to you. The festival is exactly the right place to advance your own professionalisation. And you never know, maybe your most important insight or contact will come from a drink together in the evening!

Networking at HYPE&FRIENDS

In addition to the educational programme, the main focus is on the diverse networking opportunities where you can make or deepen exciting contacts for your professionalisation! At any of the festival's events, be it the Agency Art Labs, the showcase concerts, the Big Band Gala, the Future Heads Walk or the lunch breaks, a wide variety of people from the most diverse fields are gathered here. This gives you the opportunity to expand your network with valuable contacts for your future at HYPE&FRIENDS! And the same applies here: regardless of the event or setting, the best opportunities for you may arise during the festival!

What are you waiting for?

Past festivals have shown great success in this aspect. Many young professionals and musicians have come amazingly far by attending the festival and have been able to realise their goal of successfully gaining a foothold in the industry. Don't miss this opportunity and see for yourself! You won't be disappointed!