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Code of Conduct



HYPE & FRIENDS is an event that should be co-created respectfully and responsibly by all visitors, artists, staff and volunteers. We strive to create a safe, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable.</span

To this end, we have drawn up certain rules of conduct to which we commit ourselves and which we hope that everyone who takes part in the festival (in whatever form) will adhere to:

  • Diversity and individuality should be respected and valued!
  • Condescending and disrespectful remarks or actions are to be avoided, especially in connection with gender, age, religion, faith, nationality, culture, ethnicity or descent, sexual orientation, social background, disability or family situation!
  • Take an active stand against discrimination of any kind!
  • Individual boundaries must be respected. No always means no!

We therefore ask all participants to be attentive throughout the festival and beyond, to take care of their fellow human beings and to treat each other with respect at all times. 

If you feel uncomfortable at the festival, experience or observe discrimination, please contact the nearest HYPE team member or, in an emergency, the police!

  • We can be reached at this number: 0176-93276921
  • The Hanover police on this number: 0511 109-2715
  • Or for feedback and comments by e-mail at: